Girls Varsity Volleyball · Phillips & Robinson Sign NLI with IU East


Seniors Briann Robinson (front L) & Sheridan Phillips (front R) and the IUE Volleyball Coaching Staff

Seniors Sheridan Phillips and Briann Robinson have been volleyball teammates for years now, and last week they both signed their National Letters of Intent (NLI) to continue their volleyball careers together as IU East Red Wolves!  These two student-athletes have formed a championship legacy here at McCutcheon and hope to carry on that success at the next level.  Along with dominating opponents on the court, Bri and Sheri also dominated their studies in the classroom.  Recently the pair of Regional Champions were honored as Academic All-NCC and IHSVCA Academic All-State athletes.  IUE Head Coach, Kim McConaha, is thrilled to add these student-athletes to her team, tweeting, “(We are) So excited to add more impact players for our ’21 class…Bri is a vocal DS who knows the value of hard work…and (we) can’t wait to get to see what she (Sheridan) is capable of!!!”

We recently caught up with Briann and Sheridan to ask them a few questions about their big signing day:

Tell us about the immediate feelings you experienced after receiving your offer to play at IU East.

Phillips:  I was honored when I first got offered.  I never really could’ve imagined myself being wanted by a college like IU East.

Robinson:  My immediate feelings after getting my offer was pure happiness and excitement!

Sheridan Phillips makes it official as her brother, Spencer, proudly watches on

Outside of your immediate family, who was the person you were most excited about calling/texting after you learned about your offer?

Phillips:  I was most excited about telling Briann that I would be joining her on the court next year!

Robinson:  Outside of my immediate family, the first person I was so excited to call was my best friend Emme Stetler.

Briann Robinson appreciates her friends that have been a big support to her

What would you like to study while at IU East?

Phillips:  I would like to study Zoology and Psychology.

Robinson:  As of right now, I am undecided on what I want to study, but I am leaning more towards health administration.

To the younger student-athletes in our area:  What advice would you give them on how to succeed in academics, school, family, sports, work, etc?

Phillips:  I would tell our younger athletes that you always have to remember why you are doing it.  Some days, even most days, it can be hard because you’re tired, sore, unmotivated…but really honing on your “why” brings back that motivation.  Also, you can’t be afraid to ask for help.  It takes a village.

Robinson:  I would say be responsible, manage your time and just have fun through high school.  It’s not as hard as it seems that it is if you just work.

Who are some of your mentors that have helped you develop into the man that you are today, and what important lessons have they instilled in you?

Phillips:  Kylee Niemantsverdriet was my first mentor. She taught me that volleyball isn’t always about the sport but also about the connections you make.  Coach Sutter taught me that I wasn’t alone and that I had to believe in myself first. Natalie Bonilla taught me how important it was to not miss out on opportunities.  My counselor, Mrs. Betz, showed me that I had a home.

Robinson:  Some of the mentors that helped me develop into the woman I am today are my Dad & Mom.  If they didn’t believe in me and push me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Who are some of the “people in your corner” that you would like to thank or shout out?

Phillips:  I would like to give a shout out to my brother for sacrificing so much for me and my well being.  Also, for being a great support to me. I would also like to thank the Buckle’s, Nakaguchi’s, Shehorn’s, and all of the Phillips and Taylor family.

2020 Regional Champion McCutcheon Volleyball Seniors

Last Question…What does being a MAV mean to you?

Phillips:  Being a Mav, to me, means being someone who is accepting of everyone and kind to everyone.  Being a Mav also means creating an environment inside and outside of school that allows everyone to feel welcomed and supported.

Robinson:  To me, being a Mav means having spirit all of the time, being supportive of your teammates and other teams, and just making high school fun.  Mavs know how to do it best!