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Senior baseball player, Brady Kas. Photo by:  MJ Portrait Designs

The magazine, Inspiring Teens, recently conducted an interview with McCutcheon’s own, Brady Kas.  Brady, a senior on the baseball team, has battled symptoms from a concussion injury he endured a year and a half ago.  Brady has been put through the wringer with this head injury but has not lost his long-term career focus and drive to succeed.  Currently, Brady is working as the statistician for the Boys Basketball team and is spending time during the school day as a special consultant to the Athletic Department.  Below is an excerpt from the Oct 18th article found in Inspiring Teens magazine:

Life threw Brady Kas a curve ball on April 21, 2018 and Brady suffered a concussion/traumatic brain injury. The things that a 16 year old boy should be doing were no longer simple.

The injury left Brady with post-concussion syndrome, whiplash, severe headaches, vestibular issues, ocular issues, short term memory loss and the list goes on.

Life has become very different. His memory at best, is five days (he only remembers the last 5 days). The last 18 months Brady has inspired everyone around him by his strength, grit, and dedication to returning to his full potential and to baseball.

​Tell us about your brain injuries: 
“My story is unique to most because I don’t actually remember the last ~17 months. On April 21, 2018 I was playing 1st base for my high school baseball team and the right fielder and I collided while catching a fly ball. I was originally diagnosed with a concussion; however, I was later diagnosed with a coup-contrecoup injury (meaning “coup” was the side of the brain where the initial trauma occurred and “contrecoup” was the opposite side of the trauma. I also suffered severe whiplash).”
How has this changed your life?
“My injuries have changed everything for me: I played basketball and baseball, but now I am not able to play contact sports because my brain still hasn’t healed and there is still too much risk for another injury. My goal is to one day play baseball again.
It has affected my day to day life as well. I suffer memory loss, vision issues (the words jump when I read, I have issues with convergence, tracking and focusing), daily headaches, head and neck trauma. I’ve had to change the way I study. Everything used to be very easy and now it’s difficult to focus, reading for long periods of time, comprehending… all these things are now problematic for me.”

To read the full article and to find out Brady’s future plans, click the link to Inspiring Teens International.  Following the link also allows you to vote for Brady to earn the Issue 27 scholarship and cover shot contest.  #MavPRIDE