Volunteers Needed


Mav Club Needs Officers & Team Reps

Mav Club’s Annual Business Meeting will be on Monday, May 7th, at 7:00 PM. 

Do you have organizational, food ordering, staffing, fund raising, accounting, note taking or computer skills?

This meeting will include the election of officers for 2018- 2019.


Vice President

2 Treasurers


2 Directors of Concessions*

Webmaster/Communications Director **


Mav Club Officers, Team Reps, and all CLUB MEMBERS are encouraged to attend. 


Join the team!




* 2 Concessions Directors

Refer to Concessions and Staffing for more info 


** Webmaster/Communications Director

Maintain Mav Club Web Pages within the MCC Athletic's Website

Working in conjunction with a MCC graphic arts student

MCC Newsletter updates

Promote events

Attend monthly (hour long) Mav Club meetings