Beginning 2017 -2018
  • Concessions staffing will be optional for all MHS sport teams.
  • All Mav Club funding for MHS sports teams will now come from Concessions staffing.  Mav Club Funds Requests will no longer be processed.
  • MHS sports teams will be compensated $25 per Concessions slot that they fill.  For example, a varsity football game requires 12 workers, so a team would receive $300 if they filled all slots for a game.
  • Each MHS sport team will equal opportunity to work any sporting event.  Slots will be claimed on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • Teams are not limited in the number of Concessions slots they can work.  Work as much or as little as desired to earn funds for your team.
  • If all slots are not filled by the initial deadline, other MHS clubs/organizations will be eligible to sign up to fill the slots and will earn the same amount per slot.
  • Once a team signs up to staff an event, it is the team’s responsibility to make sure the slots are covered.
  • If an event is rescheduled, the team that originally signed up is responsible for covering the event on the rescheduled date.
  • Students are allowed to work in Concessions with adult supervision.
    -Students must be MHS students
    -Students must be able to count money/make change
    -If an event requires 4 or 6 slots, 2 must be adults
  • -If an event requires 12 slots (Varsity Football), 6 must be adults

Sign Up Procedure

  • Concession schedules will be distributed for review and sign-up on a seasonal basis (Fall, Winter, Spring).  The schedules will be emailed to coaches and Mav Club Team Reps approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of each season, and sign-up will begin 1 week after the schedules are made available. As stated above, sign-up will be on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • After the schedules have been posted for seven (7) days, any unfilled slots will be eligible to be staffed by other MHS Clubs or organizations. The same staffing rules will apply to MHS Clubs/organizations.


Mav Club Team Representative Responsibilities

Work with your team coach to decide how many slots your team wants to cover during the year.  Decide if you want to cover just your own sport’s events or other sports.  Remember that funding from Mav Club is only available through working Concessions now.

Keep the Google doc spreadsheet updated with who is working so that we know an event is covered.  The completed spreadsheet for each season will be emailed out once everyone has had an opportunity to sign up.
Watch school announcements for schedule changes.  If your team signs up for an event and it gets rescheduled, your team is still responsible for covering the event.
Remind your workers (students and parents) by phone or email 1-2 days prior to the day they are scheduled to work.  You are responsible for filling all slots that your team signs up for.
Workers will need to sign in and sign out when they work.
2 workers will need to count the cash at the beginning and ending of the event and record the counts on the form provided.
Concession stand must be cleaned and restocked at the end of the shift.  Cleaning/Restocking instructions are posted in the concession stands.
Workers must purchase any food/drinks they want to consume, and should not eat at the window.
Contact Information-Director of Concessions

Terry Strawser,  (c) 765-430-2226,  (w) 765-446-2637
Jim Strawser,  (c) 765-430-2724